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Jody Martin 250px  Schlagzeug

I started playing drums at 4 years old. My parents were very musically oriented and supportive. I played in school bands from the 6th grade until the 10th grade, then I discovered Rock-n-Roll with other musicians.

Played in clubs from the age of 16 until around 20. Then started writing original songs. Started playing bigger events and working as a studio musician.

At 25, moved to Los Angeles and toured with x-members of Michael Bolton Rock Project. I worked as a studio musician and lived in L.A. until ’92. Then moved back to South Florida where I joined a band called “Love Canal” in ’95 and we were signed to Sony 550 music label. We were under contract with Sony for two years then decided to join an independent label.

After 10 years and 4 full length albums – moved to Duesseldorf in 2003. Currently I’m working as a studio and live musician and raising two little girls….

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Public Sonic


"project works"

"new area"

SPUNK - "unintentional prayers"

SPUNK - "born naked"

SPUNK - "1999"
One Eye Open

OEO - "monolith"
One Eye Open

OEO - "crown of love"
One Eye Open

OEO - "sacred child"
One Eye Open

OEO - "of time and the river"
One Eye Open

OEO - "some drinks in a crowded room"



KITE - Rock Cover