Mein Equipmentlogogamble

Equipment Corner 16 9 frei 800pix 

Amps & Speakers

Marshall JVM 410H
JVM 313pix frei
Laney LC 50 - II Combo
Marshall JCM 900 (Baujahr 1980)
Marshall Valvestate 82/80 Stereo Chorus Combo
Roland Micro Cube
Line 6 POD 2

Marshall 1936 Vintage 2x12" B-Cab
4x12" B-Cab Prototyp Professional Equipment


 Shorty frei 220pix  Epiphone EO 2B 220pix frei  Pinky frei 270pix  Fat Strat frei 270pix  Epiphone Sheraton frei 270pix  OLP frei 270pix  Hagström frei 270pix

Fender Fat Strat (Mexico 1986)
Fender Tele modern player
Epiphone Sheraton - II
Hagström Semi-Acoustic
Höfner "shorty"
"PINKY" special edition ( Kramer body, ESP nack, DiMarzio Pick up )
Les Paul (pimped up !! ;)
Paula frei plastic 400pix
acoustic guitars :
Epiphone EO - 2/B
Aria A 553 NLG
Ibanez AE15 NLG
Martin GPCPA4 - RW Rosewood

Martin GPCPA4 RW 800pix 


Effects & Floorpedals

gAMBLE sTEPH 500pix ALine 6  M13 Stompbox Modeler (acoustic setup)
Line 6  M 5  Stompbox Modeler (floorboard)
BOSS  DD7 digital delay
DigiTech Polara Reverb Creation
MXR dynamic compressor
Barber Dirty Bomb Distortion
IBANEZ Metal Screamer Distortion (acoustic setup)
JamMan SOLO X1 stereo Looper (acoustic setup)
Dunlop Cry Baby WahWah

Line 6  Relay G50 wireless system
Morley A/B/Y signal switcher pedal (acoustic setup)
Digitech FS3X footswitch

19" Rack FX / Recording
T.C. Electronic G-Major guitar processor
DigiTech Studio S200 effects processor
BOSS  SE-50 stereo effects processor

TASCAM  US-1800 Audio-MIDI Interface                         


Bands / Projekte & CDs



Public Sonic


"project works"

"new area"

SPUNK - "unintentional prayers"

SPUNK - "born naked"

SPUNK - "1999"
One Eye Open

OEO - "monolith"
One Eye Open

OEO - "crown of love"
One Eye Open

OEO - "sacred child"
One Eye Open

OEO - "of time and the river"
One Eye Open

OEO - "some drinks in a crowded room"



KITE - Rock Cover